Grignard Reaction (A-level)

Grignard Reaction


This reaction and mechanisms are widely studied and covered in Chemistry Major University year 1. For the past 10 years grignard reaction had made its appearance in many prelim exam. For 2019 Prelim Exam, we have ACJC, ASRJC, DHS, RVHS touch about such topics. 


    • Mg will go in between R--X bond (R--Mg--X)


    • Making R to be Nucleophilic (R-)


    • R can now go for Nucleophilic attack


  • Take Some time to look at this Questions

  • You will eventually come to a conclusion grignard reaction is either a nucleophilic addition or nucleophilic substitution (which depend whether there is any potiential Leaving Group attach to C+)

  • Now that you have some sort of background about grignard reaction 🙂
  • Finally, you will need to take note that the grignard reagent has to be in ether solvent (no H2O) cos it may react with water instead....