How to Study for JC Chemistry Exam

Study Tips

  • Read textbook/notes before Class
    It requires students to study before going to class and having preparation on what the lesson will be going through. In this way, the lesson becomes much easier to follow. With the background knowledge students can then ask intelligent questions and integrate the sub-topics knowledge.
  • Take Notes
    Simply taking down notes facilitate understanding of the concepts. It also lets you know what you do and don’t understand, so that you can focus on the weaker areas during revision.
  • Understanding instead of Memorising
    There is no need to memorise everything. Instead, efforts should be made to understand the concepts. Students can then select the important facts or formulae to memorise.
  • Use Flashcards
    The subject requires students to be able to interpret chemical symbols, formulae and periodic table. Writing these down on flashcards helps to organize and store the facts and memorization will become easier.
  • Practice Regularly
    On a regular basis, use free JC exam papers or test papers to test your knowledge. The past papers will prepare you for your GCE 'A' level papers at the end of the year. Do not underestimate the importance of hands on experience in lab practice as it strengthens your knowledge in a real environment.

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